Writing Wednesday! (5)

It’s that time of week again! I always look forward to Wednesday’s; I love sharing my writing with the world. This week, I worked on a Truthseer quite a bit, even though I have finals on Thursday and Friday that I really need to be studying for. I’m getting really excited about the story.

The part that I’m going to post is right after Spider and Finn leave the cave and Spider insists on walking Finn home, even though she can’t stand him and wants him to go away. As they approach, Finn’s mother bursts outside and says that Thorn, Finn’s little brother, has been kidnapped. Finn, of course, resolves to go find him. This has probably been my favorite part to write so far.

Her mother was still yelling as she stalked outside, toward the pasture. Caro was still saddled but she seemed agitated by the wet saddle pad rubbing against her back. Finn led her toward her father’s workshop, under the thatched roof, and pulled her bow and arrow from her hiding spot. Her father’s sword lay in its sheath where she’d left it the other day after she’d practiced her dismal sparring with an oak tree, and she strapped it to her waist. Its heaviness felt comfortable against her thigh.

It had begun to rain again, drizzles of water splashing in the puddles that had already formed. Finn changed Caro’s saddle pad, but they didn’t have another saddle, so she tacked in the one already slick with rain. As she was about to mount, Spider came flying from the house. She’d completely forgotten about him and he seemed just as annoying now, when she actually had somebody to go save, as he’d been in the cave. “Finn! Stop!”

He halted before her, sliding on the wet dirt. “Where are you going? You can’t just leave!”

“I’m going to save my brother,” she said calmly as she tightened the girth.

“Your mother is in pieces! You can’t leave her like this!”

Finn rolled her eyes and turned towards him. “Listen, gypsy boy. I don’t know who you are or why you suddenly think that you have authority over me, but I don’t care. I’m going to find my brother. I know why they have him and I’ll slaughter each and every one of them until they give him up.” She felt strange; sentences so long usually never left her mouth. But needed to get away from this boy. She needed to save her brother from these men, who must think that Thorn had inherited her father’s powers. Could they be the same ones that had killed her father? It didn’t matter. She needed to go after them while they were still close.

“Finn, stop! You don’t know who these men are!”

She turned, her nostrils flaring. “Who are they? Your brothers? Did you lead them here or something?”

Spider rolled his eyes. “No, they’re the Rightful King’s men, not bandits! They’d kill you as soon as set eyes on you. You have to think about this, Finn. You can’t just run after them and demand your brother back and expect they’ll give him to you. They must’ve taken him for a reason and they won’t let him go for some blacksmith’s daughter, I can assure you that.”

The rain was getting harder now, but none of the usual panic flooded her body. Instead, there was anger: anger at this boy, anger at those who took her brother, anger at her uncle for not doing anything, anger at everything. She’d felt it before, this overwhelming  feeling, but she’d never given into it. But this boy, this stupid gypsy boy with his stupid tattoo and his stupid voice, he pushed her over the edge.

She twisted the collar of his shirt in her hand and jerked him, hard, against one of the support posts of her father’s workshop. “You shut your mouth! You shut your goddamn mouth right now! I’m going to rescue my brother and you have no part in it!”

He was too shocked to do anything that she mounted while his mouth still stood open. “You go home!” she screamed and kicked Caro, too hard. But she was galloping away, down the rocky path, with the rain screaming in her face.



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2 responses to “Writing Wednesday! (5)

  1. I started a Writing Wednesday meme on my writing blog as well. This was the first week that I ever posted any of my work…so I’m curious to see what people will think.

    Kudos to you for keeping with it and posting your work for everyone to critique. It’s nerve racking, that’s for sure!

    • readsamread

      Thanks! I’ve never been shy about my writing or anything, so I guess it’s only natural I’d want to share it. I’m going to check out yours ASAP!

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