Writing Wednesday! (4)

So, it’s the first week back to school, and I feel like killing myself. I have no motivation whatsoever to do anything, so I’ve just been playing Bejewled Blitz on Facebook and wasting my time not doing my homework. I think it’s because it’s so cold here that I’m all foggy; it’s been in the forties the past few days and how WEIRD is that for Florida? It actually feels like winter for once in my life!

Anyways, I’ve only written bits and pieces of Truthseer, but I thought I might share something from it. The context of this is, if you’ve read the other part, Finn comes home and her uncle is there, who proposes the idea that she get married to her cousin (non-blood-related). Finn gets all pissed off and storms off, but alas! It begins to rain!

The threat of rain hadn’t alarmed her, but with the sensation of the drops hitting her skin, soaking her hair, her breathing quickened. Soon, it was almost as though her lungs were going to explode from lack of oxygen. All the while, she urged Caro on, her eyes closed tightly, begging for the cave to be near. And then, when she braved them open, Caro was trotting past the opening. It looked strange in the darkness of the torrential downpour, not at all like the inviting place where she’d pretended that she could be a soldier, just like her mom, just like her dad.

She hopped from Caro’s back before she even had a chance to stop and stumbled on the wet ground, but she didn’t care. She could hardly breathe and this rain and her eyes were open and she needed to get away before she had another vision. She dove into the opening, grinding her palms on the cold, wet stone, and curled up against the cave wall, shivering with panic.

After a while, when her breathing had slowed and she was sure she was safe, she heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps from within the cave. She stiffened and turned her head, but the fear inside of her was still there, beating with her heart. She could hold her own against anyone, she knew, she hoped, but it was still alarming.

But then a boy turned the corner and she wasn’t scared.

He was scarcely taller than her, but that wasn’t strange for a boy. Finn was too tall, too unfeminine for most males her age. It didn’t help that she always kept her hair down, even in the depths of summer, instead of succumbing to the strange fashions of hairstyle that kept popping up in the marketplace. She figured that she could easily beat him in a fight; he seemed lanky and gawky, not at all a warrior. A gypsy boy is what he looked like. He had an earring and flashes of gold twinkled from his wrists and fingers. His skin was dark, but tanned that color, not naturally so.

She thought all of this in about half a second. Before she knew it, she was standing up, in fighting stance. “Don’t come any closer,” she growled. She wished she hadn’t forgotten her dagger; she’d left it at home when she was skinning the turkey.

The boy stopped in his tracks, blinking. The light was dim in this part of the cave, but she could see his surprise. “I thought I heard someone come in here,” he said cheerfully. “Did I startle you? I was only using this cave to shelter from the storm. I assume you’re doing the same?” He stepped closer, just as she’d told him not to, and grinned, his teeth too white in the dimness of the cave. “I’m Spider, by the way,” he held out a hand, like he wanted her to shake, like she was a man.

Finn remained stiff, staring at him. He seemed to pose no immediate threat, but she was wary. Why would he be in this part of the forest? In her cave? It wasn’t as if this was heavily traveled territory. The only reason he’d be near here is if he had used the mountain pass to the north or if he was traveling toward it.

He dropped his hand after a moment, staring at her. “I’m not going to hurt you, don’t worry. You look as though you want to attack me or something.”

She wanted to laugh; the boy didn’t look as if he could hurt a fly, let alone a girl almost his height and daughter to two Rorian soldiers, but she remained still. “What are you doing here?” she asked, and her voice sounded too quiet coming from her mouth, not at all loud and menacing like she’d meant.

He smiled again. “Told you, shelter from the storm. I’m just a wayward man, passing through the area, you know. Selling my wares and such.”

She looked about his person for his wares, but he was only carrying a small pack, something with enough supplies for a few days.

He chuckled quietly. “I don’t have any wares, lass. I was just joking. You know, a joke? One you laugh at?” He narrowed his eyes. “Are you alright? I mean, I know those weren’t knee-slappers, but I assure you, they usually get some reaction from strange, soaking wet girls who wander into the caves I happen to be in.”

She sat back down on the floor. This boy was very strange. He certainly didn’t pose a threat, though, so she’d wait out the storm and be on her merry, already-betrothed way once it let up. Maybe she was being grumpy and unsociable, but she didn’t really care. She didn’t much like gypsies; they’d stolen a boatload of her mom’s dresses before. If it hadn’t been for Finn’s nimble legs, they would’ve gotten away with it, too.

He sat down across from her, his mood undampened by her spirits. “This storm doesn’t seem to be letting up. Would you like some cheese? It’s a bit moldy, but you can just brush off those parts and it tastes alright. Almost like real cheese should taste.” He didn’t wait for her reply but pulled off his pack and withdrew some food wrapped in a mountain of cloth that had obviously held much more food before. He’d been traveling for some time, then. He must be on his way from the mountain pass, not towards it.

He offered her a scrap of cheese, but she just stared at it and didn’t take any. She wasn’t hungry.

“Well, you’re a talkative one,” he said through a bite of his moldy cheese. “Tell me, are all the lasses around here quite so effusive?”

He was beginning to get annoying. “Yes,” she replied, just to shut him up.


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  1. Lol. Great job! Very entertaining.

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