Devilish by Maureen Johnson

Title: Devilish
Author: Maureen Johnson
Pages Count: 272 
Summary: This is the story of high-school senior Jane Jarvis, who gets in over her head–which isn’t difficult because she’s very short. She’s also very smart, and when her best friend, Allison, starts acting oddly, it doesn’t take Jane long to figure out that there’s some unholy connection between Ally and mysterious Lanalee, a new girl at their Catholic school. Connection, indeed. As it turns out, Ally has sold her soul to junior devil Lanalee in exchange for popularity; however, Jane doesn’t buy Ally’s tearful confession. Boldly, she informs Lanalee that she will take Ally’s place (she really thinks the whole thing is bunk). Bunk it is not, and soon enough Jane finds herself in the fight of (and for) her life. Johnson does a very clever thing here. She takes a typical high-school story about popularity (amusing enough in Jane’s snarky voice) and turns it on its head when evil comes on the scene. 

So, I think everyone already knows about my epic Maureen Johnson love and Devilish didn’t change anything; in fact, I think it made me like her more!

I love the main character; she was cute and short and had spiky hair but was really opinionated. She was super real and, unlike some of the characters, felt the most alive of anyone in the story. I liked that she totally refused to believe that there was anything weird and otherworldly going on, unlike most of the people in fiction today who seem to accept the fact that they’re fairies or whatever with no weirdness whatsoever. She made up all these excuses as to why it couldn’t be happening, even though her history book just randomly burst into flame. I don’t know, I thought it was funny.

The only problems that I had were: a) the rushed romance that I didn’t really feel all that into and b) her best friend’s personality. I mean, in the beginning of the story, her best friend Allison seems pretty real and kind of OCD, but after about the first scene with her, I saw nothing of her personality. I just didn’t like her and I didn’t understand why the MC was friends with her. The romance in the story, which was obviously a subplot, felt a little rushed and unreal. It seemed like there should’ve been more scenes with the two of them to make their mutual feelings develop, but there was nothing. I didn’t get that whoosh in my stomach kind of thing that I usually get from a kiss and it made me sad.

Overall, I really enjoyed Devilish. It was a quick read and despite some problems with character, I would definitely recommend it.

Rating: 4/5 stars


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  1. Maddie

    Hey, I really liked your review. 🙂

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